“The strongest thing we offer is we care, we love them,” Ms. Eddie says of their years of work helping people in the community they love. Along the way, “we learned to capitalize on our strengths, recognize where our weaknesses are, and work together.”

The mission of Community Outreach Service Center is to meet the basic needs of the homeless and poor residents of the Denver metropolitan area, including those returning to the community after incarceration, to achieve self-sufficiency through spiritual nurturing, training, community partnerships, and economic development. Our programs and work are focused on helping community with employment, youth and family dynamics, alcohol and drug abuse, education, housing, and spiritual values.

Please Give to help us with our work!

Our services have ramped up considerably since the pandemic hit in 2020 and a post- pandemic future means people will need more community-based services where they live. We specialize working with marginalized individuals who have high needs at COSC and have witnessed major growth and changes to which we have met the ever changing challenges but has also seen, major wear and tear on our building and resources.

Each Fall, we ask the community of Five Points, Whittier, City Park, LoDo to help us raise needed funds or offer In Kind Donations for needed building repairs, free bus ticket program, rental assistance, utilities and emergency assistance for ask risk families fund. 

Your gift of $10, $25, $50 or even more can help us with our important work!

Help our Community this Winter

2022 Winter temperatures were down below 20 degrees and the Outreach Center was bombarded with winter clothing requests. Here is a list of in-demand winter clothing items that are needed at COSC.

1. Winter Coats: Coats and heavy jackets are among the most important articles of clothing you can donate this winter. Whether these items go to helping disabled veterans, homeless individuals, or children in need of cold-weather clothing, everyone deserves to feel warm this winter. A coat can make or break somebody’s health during the colder seasons.

2. Gloves and Mittens: Gloves and mittens are winter essentials. Your hands and feet are the furthest limbs from your heart and have the biggest likelihood of freezing in the winter. As such, you need to keep your hands warm with the help of a thick pair of gloves, but even thin cotton gloves are better than nothing. If you’ve recently gotten a new pair of gloves, think about donating your old ones.

3. Hats/Hoodies: Protecting your head is vital during the winter. One of the best ways to keep your head nice and toasty is with the help of a cozy winter hat. Even those individuals who have to make a quick walk to work can be damaged by the cold without the proper headgear

We would love winter donations for warm hats, masks, beanies, and earmuffs at this time of year. Other items: Socks, Boots, Shoes, Pants, T-Shirts, Hand Warmers, Backpacks, Hygiene Products

Make a difference by dropping of winter clothing items, donating financial resources to purchase items and/or your families old extra winter clothes today. You can drop these items off at 2515 California Street, Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm. Financial donations for winter items can be made at www.COSCdenver.org.

Our News!

January 2022:
We broke Ground! We were joined by amazing community members and leaders to break ground on Charity’s House! The New Charity’s House Ministries will provide thirty-six one-bedroom affordable apartments for people who have been homeless, are disabled, or have been in prison and whose household income is no more than thirty percent of area median income. Supportive services will be available for all residents. Upon the launch of our permanent supportive services, COSC will continue developing and partnering with transitional housing opportunities, connecting people released from incarceration to temporary locations that will assist with their release to the community.

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